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Find the perfect destination for your wedding or honeymoon

So you are thinking about the Caribbean as the destination for your wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway but where do you start? The Caribbean is a unique place not just because of its natural beauty but also due to the diversity of each island. Each destination has it own culture, natural attractions, level of development and amenities so first think about what you want to do on your trip.

Are you looking for a green wedding, luxury shopping, five star restaurants, vibrant nightlife and activities, or just want to lay on the beach? Have a look at our list of islands and see what they offer and then fall in love with it. If you need help deciding or require more information send us a message and we would be happy to help. We hope to see you in the Caribbean soon!

Featured Destinations

Explore each destination with the links below. You’ll find more info about the island and marriage requirements: