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With a long Caribbean coast, Belize is culturally similar to many of Britain’s former West Indian island colonies, with a majority creole/(Afro-European mixture) or Afro-Caribbean population. Inland are the native Maya people, and especially in the north and northwest of the country Spanish is often spoken. In the south east along the Caribbean coast live the Garifuna (Black Caribs) an Afro-Amerindian culture. German speaking Mennonites also call Belize home.

World-class attractions include exploring the lush jungles with exotic plants and animals, deep sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean sea with its attractive reefs, and visiting the Mayan ruins. Income levels are still very low and the infrastructure is very basic. The Belizeans are very proud and friendly to visitors and the tourist industry grew greatly in the last decade.

Belize is typically hot and humid day and night year-round. Temperatures vary by only about 4°C between the coolest part of the year (December to March) and the hottest (May to September). The daily temperature range is around 10°C from the hottest part of the day to the coolest part of the night. In the uplands (Mountain Pine Ridge and the Maya Mountains) you can expect temperatures to fall by about 3°C for every 1000ft rise in altitude, making things noticeably more comfortable.

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Events & Festivals

February: Belize Carnival

June and July:
Belize Lobster Festivals

Mid July: Benque Viejo Del Carmen Fiesta

August: Deer Dance Festival

Marriage Requirements:

  • You are required to stay in Belize for 3 days (72 hours) prior to the wedding.
  • On the 1st business day after your marriage application can be submitted to the Solicitor General's office in Belmopan (the capital).
  • On the fifth day, you will be married on your own private beach. For example: arrive on a Monday, get married on Friday. Both the trip and the license fee are included in the Dream Beach Wedding rate.
  • Blood tests are not required, but you are required to provide:
  • proof of citizenship
  • a certified copy of your birth certificate
  • the original divorce certificate or death certificate, if applicable.
  • There is a minimum stay of seven nights for this package. If you will be accompanied by a wedding party, we recommend that you reserve the suites or villas at least 5 months in advance of your stay.

* We try to keep this info as current as possible so please contact the local tourism office for any changes

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Belize

1. Scuba Diving in the Blue Hole
2. Mayan Ruins and Temples
3. Museum of Belize
4. Jaguar Preserve (Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary)
5. Swim with the sharks at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve

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