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Located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, Martinique is one of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles group. Its eastern coastline borders the Atlantic Ocean while its western coast is flanked by the Caribbean Sea. The island is 4 350 miles away from France, 1 950 miles from New York and 275 miles from the closest South American coastline. The closest neighboring islands are to the north: Dominica, 16 miles away, Guadeloupe, 75 miles away, and to the south: Saint Lucia, 23 miles away. Martinique is equidistant from the coasts of Venezuela and Haiti/Dominican Republic (497 miles).

Martinique has a surface area of 425 square miles. At its greatest length and width it measures 50 miles and 24 miles, respectively. The rugged mountainous landscape to the north is geologically young. Mount Pele is the island’s highest peak, culminating at 4 500 feet. The north is characterized by dense forests, rivers and waterfalls. In the center, the Lamentin Plain transitions to the south’s gentler and geologically older landscape of rolling hills. The southern coast is dotted with many picturesque bays and coves. In the southernmost part of the island, a savanna of petrified trees is an unusual geological sight.

Martinique has a fairly mild climate and the heat is never excessive. Thanks to the average temperature of 79°, Martinique is the island of the never-ending summer. The trade winds from the east and northeast provide a steady breeze that constantly refreshes the air.

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Events & Festivals

February/March: Carnival
May: Sainte Marie Culinary Week
June: Fête de la Musique (Music Festival)
July: Martinique Yoles Boat Race Tour
July: Le Tour de Martinique
November-December: Martinique Jazz Festival


Marriage Requirements:

  • Valid passport or carte de séjour.
  • Acte de Naissance Intégral: Unabridged birth certificate less than 3 months old supplied by a bureau of records, not a hospital.
  • Justificatifs de domicile: Proof of address supplied by the resident of the commune. Ideally provide two documents proving residence in the commune, for example an EDF bill, telephone account, rent receipt or residential insurance documents.

Foreign partners may be expected to present the following:

  • Certificat de Coutume: an Affidavit of Law which should be prepared by a legal professional licenced to practice in France and the national's country. However, an 'Attestation' in lieu of a 'certificat de coutume' issued by the Embassy in France may be acceptable.
  • The Certificat de Coutume and Affidavit of Marital Status statements concern marriage laws in the foreigner's home country and are required to certify that the party may, under law of their country, be married.
  • Both documents may be available from the national's Embassy in France. The documents must be in French.
  • Certificat de Célibat: A certificate of single-status (or attestation tenant lieu de declaration en vue de mariage ou de non-remariage) less than 3 months old.
  • Legal documents not in French must usually be translated by a sworn translator and have an official seal, the Certificate of Apostille of the Hague.

* We try to keep this info as current as possible so please contact the local tourism office for any changes.

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Martinique

1. Visit Josephine’s Bath
2. Visit the Nature Reserve of La Caravelle
3. Anse Cafard Slave Memorial
4. Historic District of Fort-de-France Tour
5. Visit Butterfly Garden at Anse Latouche

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