UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya for your luxurious Escape to Mexico

Unico Hotel Riviera Maya
UNICO Hotel sheds all preconceived notions of what an all-inclusive is, creating an entirely new category of hotel. Embracing the contemporary culture of the region, UNICO allows guests a real, unfiltered experience in a backdrop of relaxed luxury. UNICO is a luxury, adults-only connection to the best local offerings and exclusive experiences. It is an all-inclusive that is truly in tune with the local landscape.
At the brand’s first hotel — UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya — opened 2017 — guests meet Mexico face-to-face. Our flexible programming and no-itinerary-necessary attitude means that the only condition is that vacationers revel in the moment.
From an annual rotation chef restaurant, which focuses on local emerging talent and flavours, and novelty restaurants inspired by regional cuisine, to pop-up shops from local artisans and parties themed around regional holiday or festivals, the elements of the resort experience will cultivate spontaneity and discovery by tying into quirks of destination.
Equal parts international outpost and local getaway, UNICO is about immersing yourself fully, whether you’re out to explore the region’s lesser known alcoves or indulge in the culturally-inspired on-site activities.
UNICO is a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive pass, connecting guests to the youthful pulse of the local culture.