Top 10 Reasons to visit Curacao

Wedding_married_couple_on_the_Pontjesbrug_bridge_Handelskade_Curaçao (01)

1. Location- The largest of the ABC islands in the Dutch Caribbean, Curacao is located on the outer fringe of the hurricane belt, only 2.5 hrs from Miami, with a temperature between 78-82 degrees year round

2. Language- Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu are widely spoken

3. Currency- One US dollar = 1.77 Guilders. ATMs are readily available around the island

4. Beaches- More than 35 beaches and beautiful bays are carved out in secluded inlets

5. Diving- A top diving destination with over 65 designated dive sites and world class snorkeling

6. History- The historic area of Willemstad Inner City and Harbour (with over 750 sites and monuments) was designated in 1997 as a “World Heritage” site by UNESCO

7. Heritage and Culture- A rich heritage and thriving culture is still visible today, seen in the colonial buildings, plantation homes, forts, renowned museums and the Mikve-Israel Emanuel Synagogue, the Western hemisphere’s oldest synagogue in continuous use

8. Cuisine- A culinary heaven with a wide variety of sidewalk cafes, gourmet restaurants, international dishes and local eateries influenced by a melting pot of more than 55 nationalities

9. Festival & Events- There are numerous festivities year round celebrating culture, food, music and more. Join us for carnival, music festivals, regattas and cycling events

10. Diversity- Perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, dive trips, weddings or just for relaxation, Curacao offers something for every lifestyle