9 Tips for your destination wedding in Belize

fisheye couple snorkellingHere is a list complied by our friends at Romantic Travel Belize.

1.Comfortable Feet – Leave your spiked heels at home. Why you ask? You will sink in the sand, twist your ankle on the cobblestone, and slip between planks on the docks, decks and walkways and ruin them anyway. Wear wedges instead; they are more like snow shoes creating a larger foundation so you dont sink into every thing.

2. Cotton, Cotton, Cotton- I know you love your silk wedding gown. Silk is one of the best insulators there is. It doesn’t breathe. You will simply melt on your wedding day. Same thing with all synthetic fabrics. You know how the best clothes are all lined? I had to cut them all out. I don’t buy clothes with any linings; poly, silk, satin its all awful in the heat. The Cotton Bride is an incredible gown designer using the most sumptuous cottons to make stunning designer wedding gowns. For the rest of you, so long as it’s cotton, your dresses, tops, and other things will make you much happier.

3. Hair Tip – Give up the battle with your hair. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you will get to enjoying your time here. If it wants to be curly, it will be curly. If it wants to be straight, it will be straight. Not even my dear friends who come to see me believe me until about day three but trust me you will lose.

4. Powder not Liquid Make Up – Due to the heat and humidity, liquid make up can be problematic in several ways. It will run, pool, and cake up which is never attractive. Secondly, for many people it makes your skin break out due to the humidity. Thirdly, its hot. I have trouble putting on body lotion because sometimes even lotion makes you hot, let alone goop all over your face. The powder make ups lay nicely and just help to keep your skin cool. Also, most of them have an SPF in them, and it is great to have the extra sun protection.

5. Sunscreen – I used to lay out with baby oil from morning til night all summer long at my shore house in Margate, too. This is Belize, and there is water, and white sand, and open skies and SUN everywhere. You WILL burn. If you never burn at home, please at least use a sunscreen with at least a SPF of 30. Nothing worse than ruining your vacation with a sunburn the first day. If you do get a burn, pour white vinegar on it. It will take away the sting. Also, on the topic of sunscreen PLEASE find a biodegradable kind. The sunscreen will wash off your skin minutes after you snorkel our beautiful reef. You need the sunblock, but when it rinses off your skin, it kills our reef. So please be kind to the reef, and use biodegradable sunscreen.

6. Lip Block – Lipgloss with sunscreen is ‘muy importante’ for any stylish island girl.

7. Immunization Shots – There are government guidelines for shots, so check them out and make the best decision for you.

8. What to Pack – A couple pairs of shorts, a pair of long pants, a dress and a couple tops. If you are like me, you’ll start there, and before you know it you are concerned your bag is going to weigh more than 50 pounds! I beg of you, take less. Pack as you would, then remove half.

9. Water – While the water is drinkable in most parts of San Pedro, no one does. You will be served bottled water if you request water. In general, the water from the tap is perfectly fine for teeth brushing, showering and cooking.