Flowers for Your Caribbean Wedding

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Flowers are one of the most important elements that tie everything together on the wedding day and really add to the theme of the event. Blooms are used by the bride, groom, wedding party, to decorate the church and the reception location. In the Caribbean, the variety of beautiful decorative flowers is endless. If your wedding will be held in any of the islands, choosing just some to use for your wedding may be a task.

The flowers used on the wedding day will not only add colour and life but will also add to the décor. The first thing to consider is the locations for the ceremony and reception. If the wedding is at an outdoor location like a garden or park, fewer flowers may be needed. If a church or reception hall is being used, many arrangements will be needed to decorate and add colour to the venue.

The first thing to do is find the right florist. Like anything else with your wedding, it would be great to get a florist that has experience with weddings. The flowers and arrangements used are really a personal choice and they should reflect your personality and wedding theme. Look through wedding or gardening magazines to get ideas for the types of flowers and bouquets that will be perfect for your wedding. You will need to let the florist know the size of the area for the ceremony and also the reception location.

wedding bouquets
One of the first things that a bride thinks of when it comes to flowers is her bouquet. The bride’s bouquet has to be something that she loves because it will be a focal point during the ceremony as she walks to meet her groom to be and in the wedding photographs. Some brides prefer a floral arrangement for their bouquet using several different types of flowers. This is a great idea as many colours used in other areas of the wedding can be incorporated into the bouquet.

Others prefer to use just one type of flower using only one colour. A bouquet of white or red roses tied with ribbon is an excellent choice. This is not only romantic but is also very elegant and a great idea for the bride who wants to keep it simple. Some brides may also want to add a single bloom to their hair for added adornment.

Flowers needed for the wedding party will be next on the list. Bouquets will be needed for the bridesmaid, maid of honour and flower girls. These should also match the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding. Some brides also decide to have headpieces for the flower girls.

wedding cakeThe guys are not left out of this at all. The groom will need a boutonniere which will be attached to his shirt or jacket. The best man and groomsmen usually have boutonnieres and this can be the same as the groom’s or different. These should also tie in with the wedding theme and design. In traditional weddings the mothers of the bride and groom are given corsages and the fathers, boutonnieres.

Now to the locations which can be decorated as simply or as extravagant as the couple wants. If a church is being used for the ceremony, flowers are usually placed at the altar and on the pews. At the reception venue, centerpieces can be used for each table. Flowers may also be needed for the buffet table, the area where the cake will be placed and at the bar.

The types of flowers chosen really depend on the personal taste of the bride and groom but make sure that no one in the wedding party has allergies. Using flowers in season will dramatically lower the budget and will allow for the freshest flowers to be used.

One of the more popular blooms in the Caribbean is the heliconia which is valued for its tenacity. Another flower popular in these parts are the anthuriums whose leaves are heart shaped. The hibiscus flowers come in many colours and are very abundant but they only last for a day, so take this into consideration when planning. Orchids are an excellent choice and will add a touch of elegance to the event. They come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Flower Planner
It is easier to talk with your florist AND stay within your flower budget if you have a complete list of the arrangements you require. We’ve included a list of flowers by season even though there are only dry and wet seasons in the tropics and most of the flowers can be had.

For The Wedding Party

Bride’s bouquet
Bride’s headpiece
Maid-of-honour’s bouquet
Bridesmaids’ bouquets
Flower girl’s headpiece and basket
Groom’s boutonniere
Best man and groomsmen’s boutonnieres
Ring bearer’s boutonniere
Mothers’ corsages
Other special guests’ corsages
Fathers’ boutonnieres
Other special guests’ boutonnieres



Aisle runner
Pew or chair decorations
Altar arrangements
Candles and holders



Entryway arrangements
Bar decorations
Dining table centrepieces
Bride’s and groom’s chair decorations
Buffet table decorations
Cake and cake table decorations
Powder room arrangements