A Fashion Look for Your Engagement and Wedding Photos

Barbadian fashion photographer Alex Jackson
One of the trends we have noticed that continues to grow is couples hiring fashion photographers to shoot engagement shoots or the wedding day. We recently sat down to meet one of the emerging fashion photographers who is becoming quite sough after. Alex Jackson is a Barbados born fashion photographer and talent manager. Jackson’s portfolio includes photographic works for the likes of Women Management, NEXT, and Wilhelmina Models.Notably, he has been published in magazines such as M People & Living Barbados Magazine, featured on outlets like Yahoo & NBC, lensed advertising campaigns for telecommunications giant, Cable & Wireless/LIME/FLOW, and has also crafted imagery for International Recording Artists like Shontelle (Universal Music) and Samantha J (Columbia Records).


Can you remember the specific moment in your life when you were first intrigued by photography?

  • Most definitely. I grew up in the era of Rihanna and as her career began to blossom, that was when I first started paying attention to photography and the magazines that she would cover.


What was the first camera you owned?

  • I first bought a Nikon D5100 to hone my skills, but eventually made the change to Canon, which I personally found much better for fashion and portraiture. Now, I own about 7 bodies.


Do you remember the first model you ever shot?

  • Of course! Her name was Shannon Harris, one of my schoolmates. We would go on to become the best of friends and eventually work together as she became one of the top models in Barbados & Miss Universe Barbados. She was my muse who inspired me to enter the realm of talent management.

Barbadian fashion photographer Alex Jackson

What is it like to always be working with new stylists, models, and designers?

  • The collaboration is what I really love. I can’t get enough of being around other innovative minds, it is so invigorating. There are so many elements of my work that I just couldn’t execute without the skill and passion of the people I work with. All you need is a shared vision and your hearts and labor will do the rest.


How much equipment do you typically bring to a photo-shoot?

  • It ranges from a camera and a bounce reflector, all the way to a truck-load or studio full of grip and lighting equipment. It’s purely assignment based.


What challenge are you facing right now?

  • Now, my biggest challenges are staying focused on my style. I always have a splash of my own flavor even in commercial assignments, but keeping your personal ideas completely uninhibited is the real challenge. Artists are influenced by all of their experiences and surroundings, good and bad. It’s grabbing the experiences by the reigns and owning them that makes an artist.

Barbadian fashion photographer Alex Jackson

What photographers from the past or present have influenced you the most?

  • Helmut Newton is one of my idols from the 20th century. He knew how to pull something and connect with his subjects. He could embrace imperfection and make it intriguing. That’s not an easy thing to do. I’m a fan of a lot of today’s talent.


What makes a great fashion photograph?

  • The answer is simple – it should be elegant.


Of all the images you’ve made so far in your career, which is your favorite and why?

  • I’ve never liked this question, but I would say the next photograph I create!