The diary of a destination wedding photographer

Friday 8am
It is -16C and I am on the train to the airport on my way to shoot a wedding in the sunshine!

2:34pm “Welcome to the Bahamas” says the very friendly lady in the arrivals lounge of the airport. It is a beautiful day here and the sounds of the calypso band makes everyone smile as we go through immigration.

5:00pm I am now in my room checking all the cameras and just plugged in the batteries. It is a beautiful afternoon so I will slip into resort wear and go scouting the property for possible shooting locations.

6:31pm Waiting for everyone at the rehearsal dinner in the Japanese restaurant. Apparently everyone is not a fan of Japanese so the party is now only nine people as most people do the buffet. Saki anyone?

10:18pm Sitting in the lobby surfing the net with a Miami Vice cocktail.

Saturday 7:17am
On the beach stretching and getting ready for what I estimate to be a 3K run on the sand. The plan is to get in a session in the gym as well and then a big breakfast!

12:34pm Just got back in my room after touring the hotel next door to see if we should go over for some shots. Rushing to get into my beach clothes to do for a swim. Phone rings…it is the wedding planner and he wants to meet now and go to the hotel next door to show me a ‘special’ spot he found for pictures. Rushing to get back out of my beach clothes. I was so close!

2:15pm I am finally on the beach and looking for a vacant 6×6 space to set up camp. I run over to the water and start to go in…it is freezing! Made the quick decision to just lie on the sand and look at the clouds.

3:00pm Now in the salon looking at Charlie the spa assistant’s Facebook page. She is showing me an awesome spot that she thinks will be great for pictures and it is 2 mins from the hotel in a cab…she has over 1500 Facebook friends!

4:25pm I am shooting the guys downstairs…we are 25 mins behind schedule and I am getting concerned about the light, as it will be dark here by 6. Finally got the signal that the bride is on her way down. Show time!

9:13pm Sitting in the reception waiting for dessert and going over the images we shot in my mind. Feeling good as the light held up just long enough and we got some beautiful shots. The couple looked stunning!

Sunday 8:00am
I am in the lobby meeting my second wedding couple…long story…they will get married in a few days but wanted to put on the clothes now so I can photograph them. We load into a cab and head out on location. The bride is wearing a pair of fabulous red shoes.

10:01am Just missed my shuttle bus to the airport so I have to wait for the next one in 30 mins. Have a little time to have breakfast, download the pictures from this morning and check email

12:37pm Looking at souvenirs in the departure lounge with a local pineapple drink which was all I could buy with the Bahamian money I had left.

5:5pm Smooth flight and back home and the camera gear got back without any “detours”. Lying in front of the TV under a warm blanket having some tea. It is minus 13 C in Toronto!