Real Wedding: Lisa and Curtis, St. Maarten

Lisa & Curtis

Curtis and I met through mutual high school friends 15 years ago. It wasn’t until 5 years after, when we saw each other again at a concert that we actually had an opportunity to really speak. Shortly after that concert we began to date. Curtis is extremely romantic and the first time he told me he loved me while vacationing in Mexico. He woke me up in the middle of the night, our bedroom was filled with candles everywhere as he began telling me how much I meant to him and that he loved me.

The Proposal

Curtis proposed in New York City. He had never been to New York and knew how much I loved it there and wanted to visit New York for the first time with me. We planned for a February visit, while there Curtis had planned an elaborate horse and carriage ride through central park, which would bring us to the famous Bethesda Fountain in Central Park where he would propose.

Unfortunately, New York City had gotten the worst snowstorm that year and a half the city was shut down because of the bad weather. The horse and carriage ride that Curtis had plans got canceled due to weather The day Curtis planned on proposing.

Curtis was not discouraged and decided no matter what he was still proposing that day at the Bethesda Fountain. Curtis arranged for a town car to take us to one of the entrances in Central Park, where he planned for us to walk to the fountain. Curtis being unaware of how big Central Park really is didn’t realize that the entrance that we had been dropped off at was the wrong entrance and we ended up getting lost and roaming around Central Park in the snow and cold.

Lisa & Curtis Wedding2

I assumed that Curtis was very determined to see this fountain and do some sightseeing at Central Park as it was his first time in New York and I was oblivious to the fact that he was about to propose.

We finally made it to the fountain and while I was taking pictures of the fountain and it’s beautiful winter surroundings Curtis got down on one knee and revealed a beautiful glass slipper with the ring on the heel of the slipper and proposed.

Why St. Maarten?

We had been to St. Maarten a few times and absolutely loved the island and the people. St. Maarten is such a safe, happy and friendly Island and we knew that we wanted to get married and share this beautiful, happy and friendly place with our family and friends. We met a few planners and then we met Sharon Remy from Celestial Weddings, she was a joy to speak too, very comfortable and kept the perfect island smile through the entire meeting, we were totally relaxed and decided then and there, that she was the perfect one.

Aside from St. Maarten being such a beautiful island, it offered such stunning villas , hotels, beaches, entertainment and not to mention the food was unlike any other island we have ever visited. We knew not only would our guests fall in love with St. Maarten like we did, but it would also accommodate any of our guests needs.

Lisa & Curtis Wedding6

The Best Part of the Wedding

When we first saw each other, right before I walked down the aisle. The breathtaking view from the villa, the landscape, the ocean in the horizon, our family and friends. In that moment we both realized that this was it and we were both about to become husband and wife finally.

Many thanks to the our professional service providers and the planning team of Celestial Weddings & Events – St. Maarten.

Bride’s Dress : Inbal Dror

Bride’s Shoes : Christian Louboutin

Groom’s Suit: Antonio Valente

Photographers: Mango Studios – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Videographer: The Wedding Film Group/ TWFG – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Caterers: Fabulous Feasts

Florist: Au Temps des Fleurs

Wedding Planners: Celestial Weddings & Events – St. Maarten

Lisa & Curtis   Lisa & Curtis

Congratulations Lisa and Curtis!