Melissa Prosser Photography Profile

What made you decide to become a photographer?
You only live once! I want to remember every journey of my life, and those around me! Photos are the only way to truly capture what happened in a certain moment. Most places I go I have my professional camera, or at least a point and shoot. You never know when a moment is going to present itself, and I want to be ready!

What do you enjoy most about being a wedding photographer and why?
Being a part of the most important day in a new journey together! The wedding day is such an emotional filled day. I love being there to capture all the interactions between friends and family. I love seeing a bride walk down the aisle, and the joy on the groom’s face on the other end. Seeing the groom get emotional and cry on his dad’s shoulder cause he’s SO HAPPY! Seeing my bride get into her wedding dress and cheering with her girl’s because it’s all that she dreamed of. These are things I live for. I LOVE my job!

What are some of your favorite wedding details to capture?
Well, besides all the emotions that I just mentioned above, I really love my time alone with the bride and groom after the ceremony. I really love sneaking away on the property and just photographing the couple being MARRIED!!!! It’s such a special moment to get away from the crowd and let reality sink in that you are now Mr. and Mrs.!

On what Caribbean Island do you dream of photographing a wedding and why?

All of the islands are beautiful, but the one that I would most like to photograph a wedding on is Nevis. The landscape is just beautiful. The combination of lush green mountains and beautiful water would be the perfect backdrop for a newly wed couple!

What is your most memorable wedding photography moment?
I was photographing a beach wedding that unfortunately pushed the ceremony into an overhang. It was a bummer, but the ceremony was still beautiful. During the reception, the sky opened up and we had the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, and had a DOUBLE RAINBOW above the venue. Not a moment I will ever forget, nor the couple!

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