Need a Tan? Try Sonoma Tanning Mobile Airbrush Tanning Service

Sonoma Tanning, one of the leading airbrush tanning companies in the United States, has a revolutionary process, technique, and solution that gives brides and their wedding parties, a flawless look without risking their health. Their services have been raved about by brides from all over the world, and regularly requested by celebrities. While their services are focused in the wedding mecca of Northern Calfiornia, they are available throughout the world through their extensive network of trained and certified technicians in the Sonoma Technique.

The airbrush artists come on site the day before the wedding and bronze brides, grooms, wedding party and family members. The process takes about 3-4 minutes per person and the results last for a week, enabling the bride and groom to start their honeymoon off with a tan as well.