Meet a Caribbean Vendor: DJ Craig in Cayman Islands

DJ Craig with DJ Kit
Meet Craig Urchyshyn – DJ and Owner of Oneworld Ltd. in Cayman Islands. Get to meet DJ Craig in our interview below.

1. How long have you been a DJ?
I have been involved with DJing, starting out as a DJ manager and event organizer, since the mid 90’s, but have been DJing myself professionally for 20 years.

2. What do you like most about being a DJ?
What I like the most about being a DJ is being able to help people celebrate life, especially some of the most special moments of their life, such as weddings. My work, effort, and skill-set can have a huge impact on how great someone’s celebration will be, and afterwards I can look back on that success as my ultimate reward.

3. What events do you service, other than weddings?
Oneworld focuses heavily on weddings, but all of our DJs started out as club DJs and continue to work in the bar and club industry. Oneworld co-founded the monthly Full Moon Party in Cayman and holds weekly DJ residencies in the top resorts & restaurants on island, so chances are that you will experience a Oneworld DJ during your night out in Cayman. We have also DJed for most of the corporations you can think of, so really Oneworld handles all types of DJing, from private/corporate to promotional/public.

DJ Craig with DJ Kit at Wedding
4. What makes your entertainment services unique?
What makes our services most unique is likely our attention to detail, from start to finish. This starts with a prompt reply to a client’s first email and all emails, doing all that is needed along the way to ensure that the DJ performance is executed exactly as the client envisions, and beyond their expectations.

5. What is your most memorable wedding?
My most memorable wedding is one that I recently handled, at a private villa in Grand Cayman. The bride and groom each had mixed backgrounds, so there were two ceremonies, one that was a mix between East Indian & Buddhist, and then a traditional, Western one. The setting was simply amazing, being oceanside at a grand villa. I was then able to incorporate many different styles of music throughout the reception, including Indian, all kinds of European & African, as well as classic and current top 40 from North America. What I appreciated most about this wedding is that it was challenging and unique, and I was able to express my true skill as an entertainer, which is to blend different types of music together perfectly!


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