Knip Beach in Curacao


Gay honeymooners in search of a romantic, Caribbean destination, look no further than Curaçao! Curaçao’s Knip Beach was named one of the “Best Beaches in the World” by Passport Magazine. Curaçao, known to be famously gay-friendly amongst the Caribbean islands, was the only Caribbean destination featured on Passport Magazine’s short list that included unique, global locales such as Vietnam, Cuba, Hawaii, Spain and Tahiti, among others.

The island’s Knip Beach, locally known as Kenepa Beach, is a picture-perfect Caribbean strand, with sugary white sands shaded by the lush green surrounding hillside. Popular with local Curaçaoans as well as tourists, Knip Beach is one of the largest and most scenic beaches on the island, featuring a cliffside lookout point ideal for snapping pictures. Visitors can head here for a quiet day during the week, or stop by on the weekends for a bite at the snack bar and plenty of fun in the sun.

“Curaçao is delighted to be recognized as one of the world’s best beach destinations for GLBT travelers,” says Curaçao Tourist Board Marketing Manager North America André Rojer. “Our 35 uncrowded beaches are some of our best-kept secrets, each distinctly unique. This recent accolade is timed perfectly with the passage of the gay marriage law in New York and previously other states, when travelers are looking to take a gay-friendly, Caribbean honeymoon.”

Curaçao welcomes gay and lesbian travelers to visit the island and experience the ‘Live and Let Live’ atmosphere year round. The island holds the largest IGLTA membership in the Caribbean, with 17 proud members, including various hotels and island operators. Curaçao hosts an annual GLBT Get Wet Weekend, September 30-October 2, including cocktail, beach and boat parties galore! For more information on Curaçao’s gay-friendly experience, please visit

Passport writes about Knip Beach, “You might see young men diving from the rocks or, especially during the week, it might be just you, that vast expanse of incredible water, the manzanilla trees framing a view of rugged cliffs and blue/green seas, with perhaps a tiny fisherman’s boat out in the water. Descend to the beach, where the sand is white as sugar, the water that aqua-emerald-who-knows-what-color-to-call-it-but-it’s-amazing hue that you’ll find only in the Caribbean.”

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