5 Tips For Getting a Bespoke Suit

Bespoke Suit Ellis Esquire

Bride’s are not the only ones adding a lot of effort to look good on their wedding day. Lately we have been recognizing that grooms are now adding more effort on how they look for the big day. Presentation is key, and what better way than to wear a bespoke suit on your wedding day. A bespoke suit flatters and never shows its age. When your tuxedo is fully custom made by an expert tailor, it is hand stitched and will contour to your body giving you a million dollar look.

When it comes to style and tailoring, Dean Ellis, from Ellis Esquire is definitely an expert in this field. He has a huge amount of enthusiasm and passion for making men look and feel good on their wedding day, by creating bespoke tailored suits that reflect their personality and suit their build. Dean understands tailoring and people, and takes the time to get to know the characteristics and needs of every groom he works with.

Caribbean Bride sat down with Dean Ellis to get a few tips on the perfect tailored suit.

1. Seek out a great bespoke tailor

Well-dressed men know how to look for tailors who use the term bespoke. It signifies something owned by exactly one man and implies that the suit will be based on a paper pattern and hand-drawn to the exact specifications to your body.

2. Get Inspired

You get to decide what you want. Don’t be afraid to print out some pictures to give your tailor something to work from. He will appreciate the visual reference, and no one will judge you for aspiring to greatness.

“Your tailor will also ask you a series of questions. This way he can get an idea of what kind of person you are, so you can get the perfect suit”- Dean

Bespoke Suit Ellis Esquire

3. Study up on fabrics

The weight of a fabric is very important. Especially for a beach wedding. There are plenty of lightweight flannels that will not make you feel the heat. Your tailor can help guide you to the appropriate fabrics.

“Breathability of the fabric is the most important thing to take in consideration when creating a bespoke suit for a destination wedding”- Dean

4. Dress up to get dressed

When you visit a tailor, make the effort to get dressed up for your fitting. Wear dress shoes as this way when you try on your trousers you can see exactly how they fall when you normally wear a suit.  The same goes for shirts, wear a dress shirt when going to your tailor. You want to see how the sleeves and collar look under your jacket. If you already have a suit you like, wear it to your first appointment, even if it’s not a custom suit. It will help the tailor get an idea of both what you like and how you project yourself when properly attired.

5. Have fun with the details

“My image speaks before I say a word.” Your suit has to represent your personality. It’s not just a suit, it’s a lifestyle” -Dean

A great idea for your wedding day could be to add special buttons on your bespoke suit. You can rotate them out for the rest of the life of the suit. Also feel free to have special linings on the suit or built in pocket squares.


For more information on Ellis Esquire visit their website: www.ellisesq.com

Images courtesy of Ellis Esquire.