Best Suits for Beach Weddings

Khaki suits and accessories
It’s hard to find a more picture-perfect setting to say “I do” than on a beach. But beach weddings tend to be a bit more casual affairs and couples need to be well prepared for exchanging their vows in the sun and sand. Since grooms have an especially tough time figuring out how to look occasion-appropriate on a beach, we got advice on best suits for beach weddings from Justin Delaney, CEO of Menguin, a leading online tuxedo rental company.

Tan or Khaki-colored Suits
A beach wedding under the sun is the perfect occasion for your man to don a lightweight khaki or tan-colored suit. The color is a bit more casual and certainly ties right into the sand surroundings. We love this look when paired with a creative starfish or stunning orchid boutonniere.

Is it a particularly warm time of year at the site of your wedding? Skip the suit jacket (or keep it for just a few formal photos) and have the groom and his groomsmen wear matching tan vests. If you’re having the guys go barefoot, they can even roll up their shirt sleeves for an allover beachy look.

Plus, tan-colored suits easily match any color accessory. Going for a neutral look? Consider an ivory, light brown or even champagne tie or bow tie for the guys. Bringing in some bright, beachy colors? Mints and corals will give the more muted tan look a pop of personality. Or hey, forget the accessories altogether for the ultimate in beachy casual.

Men's suit for a beach weddingGrey Suits or Tuxes
Beach weddings are whatever you want them to be, and if you want to wear a full on ball gown with a cathedral veil for your beach wedding, we are on board the beach glam train. And the same goes for the groom. If you’re having a more formal beach wedding, your man can still wear a tuxedo with a twist by opting for an on-trend grey tuxedo rather than the traditional (and hot-under-the-sun) black.

A grey tuxedo will come with satin-edged lapels for that more formal look, but the lighter weight fabric and lighter color will help the groom and his guys keep their cool in warmer weather. If you want the guys in a jacket, consider skipping a vest and go with a retro-turned-modern suspenders instead.

Have a more semi-formal look in mind? A grey suit can be the perfect compromise as it looks less casual than a khaki suit but not as formal as a tux. And just like with the khaki suit look, the grey suit also lends itself to skipping the jacket and pairing the pants with a matching vest instead.