Adding colour to your wedding decor

Candy Colourful table setting

This Candy Colourful tablescape styled wedding shoot by décor designer Weddingstar is inspired by pops of lively colours applied with a whimsical retro vibe. This retro wedding theme is perfect for the free-spirited couple that adores all things unconventional. This wedding is all about being bold with colours like candy apple red, lemon drop yellow and forget-me-not blue on a field of pure white. The casual yet funky table setup is packed with retro inspired touches that will make the guests swoon, from the floral lamp shades to the colourful bottle sets to the place settings.

Colourful Candy Bar

If cakes and pies aren’t your thing, then a candy bar as part of your wedding decor is for you! Bursting with bright colours and sweet treats, this candy bar created by décor designer Weddingstar adds a punch to your wedding day celebration and lets the little kid in all your guests loose. Give your guests a chance to choose what they want to indulge in by displaying a variety of treat options in stylish apothecary jars, which allow colours to pop. And remember to include the baggies for filling. It’s also a good idea to pre-package an assortment of goodies in varied bags and containers, playing with designs and colours for presentation perfection. Pre-filled treat bags are perfect in case some guests don’t get a chance to fill their own or have to leave early for their on-the-go snack.