Ask Preston: Issue #6

Prestonvideo1Having a hard time planning your big event? Get design advice from the planning guru himself, Preston Bailey.  Preston is the “floral couturier” of event design. Renowned for his ability to completely transform raw, ordinary spaces into sumptuous, theatrical environments, translating his clients’ visions into awe-inspiring reality. His work is often referred to as art installations. He is the author of the best selling books: Design for Entertaining, Fantasy Weddings, Inspirations, Celebrations and Flowers. To learn more visit


1. Why should a bride hire a wedding planner:

 The last thing you want to do as a bride is to spend your wedding day overseeing the staff and dealing with any last-minute details and a wedding planner will work to ensure your day moves seamlessly while you and your guests enjoy the wedding of your dreams.  Though many brides make the assumption that planning their own wedding will save them money, the opposite is often true.  Planners have the inside scoop on vendors in your area and often get discounts brides cannot get on their own.  They can also help with contracts, negotiations and any last-minute needs on your big day.


2. We are getting married and our reception is at a villa next to the sea. I am thinking about having the meal served family style but my maid-of-honour tells me that is tacky.  Would that take away from the luxurious feel of the event?

You should absolutely have the wedding of your dreams, not the one your friend envisions or your mother feels is right for you.  If you want to sit with your loved ones and share your joy with your loved ones while enjoying a family-style meal, that’s exactly what you should do. This is why I don’t follow trends, by the way.  I feel every couple should do something unique and something that feels authentic to them.


3. My favourite colour is black, how can I incorporate that into a destination wedding and still retain the vibrancy of the islands?

How fun! I suggest that you use black as your neutral color and then accent it with the vibrant colors found in the natural beauty of the islands.


4. What chic ways can I make my wedding fab but eco friendly?

I always say that Mother Nature is the greatest designer which is why a destination wedding in one of her beautifully-designed locales (without changing it) is a wonderful way to honor the ecosystem in an elegant way.

5. My fiancé and I are using a planner in St. Lucia. How many times should I visit after they have been hired? Should I visit the site and do I need to meet all of the vendors she

This is why it is essential that you sit down and really talk with your planner and share your likes, dislikes, dreams, wants and desires with him or her in the very beginning. Then, once you have established trust and a realistic list of expectations on each side, sit back and allow them to exceed your expectations by doing the wonderful job you hired him or her to do.