CB Designer Spotlight: Laura Narayansingh

Destination wedding couple in Trinidad

Turning One’s Love into Legend

Design is not making beauty; beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.” These few words left behind by the revered American architect, Louis Kahn resonate with the gifted few who possess an infinite appreciation for the endless derivations of beauty.  One such contributor and believer of this mindset is Laura Narayansingh. Architect, resort wear designer and when she somehow finds breathing moments in between, designer of sold-out sections in Trinidad’s Harts carnival band, a passion project which has stemmed from her inspirational obsession with modern design, dramatic style and traditional art, all complementary and paying tribute to the several dynamic personas of women today.

Destination wedding couple in Trinidad

When we chose Laura to be the first to be featured in our #CBDesigner series, it was because her wedding shattered stereotypical tradition and the dynamism of her latest (2018) resort wear collection showed abundant potential both as an architect and a fashion designer in becoming a noteworthy mainstay in the Caribbean’s perpetually evolving style scene. However, behind the accolades and ever-growing waitlists to own one of her pieces, we found the complexity of her mind finds vision and focus at the intersection of her love of construct (surely innate to her architectural roots) and a limitless drive to create, build and derive authenticity in all that she undertakes. A simple task by no means in the harsh media landscape of fashion, but when you get to innately learn who Laura Narayansingh is, under her shy and coy laughter, one will easily recognize fear is not part of her conversation with the future.

In February 2017, she married her high school sweetheart Veer Lakhan-Joseph. When asked to describe how their relationship influenced the aesthetic of her Caribbean fairytale wedding she smiles and shyly explains “Loving Veer is and has been the most natural thing in my life. Since I graduated with my Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Miami in 2014, I’ve gone from challenge to strength in building the Laura Narayansingh Design brand. A humbling journey so far, but without Veer, discovery to this path both as an individual and as a couple, would be nowhere as exhilarating as it has been. When it came time to design a wedding that would reflect both our styles but guarantee a “fête d’une vie” what came to mind was, relaxed, whimsical and just enough surprise to keep our 400 guests entertained.

Stay tuned for next week’s deep dive into her 2017 wedding and the unforgettable reception bash which made historic memories for everyone who was lucky enough to get a glimpse.

Photo Credits: Julie Charlett Photography
Makeup: The MUA House
Dress: Laura Narayansingh Design
Reception Venue: Drew Manor, Santa Cruz, Trinidad