I am a Caribbean Bride: Belinda


Belinda & Llion, Cayman Islands

Llion and I lived in the same apartment development in Leeds, UK, but we didn’t meet until a year after I moved in.

He asked me out for a drink and forgot his wallet—he has been living that one down ever since!

At the time of our wedding, we lived in the Cayman Islands, so we chose to rent the Pease Bay House villa on Grand Cayman, which provided accommodations for our guests and hosted our event.

Finding the right venue was difficult because we wanted something modern but with enough space for our guests to stay.

Pease Bay House turned out to be perfect.

We married on the beach and enjoyed the reception on the villa’s patio.

I do not like big gatherings so our small wedding with close family and friends was great, and the day was beautiful!