Beauty Tips for Your Destination Wedding

Nioxin beauty productsBy Natalia Zurawska- Caribbean Bride Beauty Editor

Destination weddings are so exciting. Looking your best as the bride can be so simple and stress-free with these beauty tips.

Spray heat protector, mousse and hairspray on hair before curling to make sure your style lasts for hours. On damp hair, apply mousse. Spray a little heat protector and blow dry hair. If you have hard to curl hair, add a little bit of hairspray that has a great hold, yet may be brushed through. Flip hair over and spray a little more. Nioxin products are exceptional in shine, strength, volume as well as long lasting hold.
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Use hairstyling tools that heat up to at least 400 degrees
Humidity can really alter your hairstyle on your special day. Whatever hairstyle you choose, you want it to stay for hours. Using hot hairstyling tools will work on even the hardest to curl hair.

I love the Infiniti Pro Curl Secret by Conair. It has two different heat settings and three different sizes of curls to choose from. Simply apply strands of your hair and the mechanism sucks in your hair (don’t worry, if it happens to get stuck there is an automatic release). Wait until you hear three beeps and then release. The curls are simply gorgeous and last for hours.
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Use spin pins instead of ordinary bobby pins
Goody Hair Accessories are a major staple in my kit. I love the spin pins for many reasons. One spin pin is equal to 22 bobby pins! Simply “screw” into hair – one pin at the bottom and one at the top for long lasting hold. If you have a lot of hair, four pins may be used and if you have finer hair, Goody also has a selection of smaller pins. The pins come in various colours to match your hair colour. When you want to put your hair down, simply “unscrew” and reuse for the future. Different fancier styles are available as well such as pearls and sparkles, perfect for making any up-do wedding bride perfection.
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Happy Wedding!
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