Weddings at Palace Resorts in Mexico

Hard Rock SeaglassAt Palace Resorts in Mexico, I thank the bellboy for helping me with my bags. “Es mi placer,” he says. It’s my pleasure.

I hear this phrase repeated over the next four days, and it epitomizes everything about a travel experience to a Palace Resorts. I was happy to attend their Caribbean Bridal Bliss recently and to explore the offerings of six of their luxury properties. Boasting a total of 13 all-inclusive luxury resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, Palace has positioned itself as a leader in customer service and guest satisfaction.

This is not just another resort brand that does weddings on the side. Palace does weddings well.  They offer well-designed packages at various price points and a dedicated staff of trained planners to make each wedding an event to remember. From your first inquiry to the actual wedding day all your needs will be met.

“We get all types of request from our brides and we always try to make each dream a reality,” says Weddings Sales Manager Lisa Lizano. “Recently we had a request to have a wedding underwater and also if we would allow a clothing optional wedding!”

Palace caters to diversity, rather than offering strict packages. I like the availability of a chapel next to the beach where catholic weddings are performed. Usual customs makes it difficult for catholic couples to have a destination wedding right next to the beach. However, the chapel avails you and your guests the opportunity to hear the turquoise water softly landing on the white sand beach as vows are exchanged.

The properties offer six wedding packages plus three exclusive packages at Le Blanc Resort Spa. Each offers a combination of flowers, a wedding planner, and a firework display, and some properties even offer a horse-drawn carriage. Each package also carries its own colour theme and price point starting at complimentary with a minimum amount of nights stay. Whether it is Aventura Spa Palace, Sun Palace, Moon Palace Spa and Golf Resort, Beach Palace or Playacar Palace they all offer the same complete set of wedding offerings. Subtle differences come with the location like Beach Palace where you can have your wedding on the roof with the amazing view of the shoreline and hotel strip.

Just a short ferry ride from Cancun is Isla Mujeres. This secluded little island is the perfect choice for groups looking for a buyout (book all the rooms in the resort for their guests). With just 62 rooms at this ‘couples only’ resort, Isla Mujeres Palace can accommodate everyone in one place, which makes planning several activities for the group effortless. The architecture has a unique feature of an open courtyard in the center where all the rooms are accessed, providing the intimate communal feel of a large family home.

Finally, I experienced the gem of the opulent Palace Resort brand, Le Blanc Spa Resort. Having heard its name only in whispers and with great reverence for the first three days of this trip I anticipated something spectacular. Le Blanc lived up to all my expectations and more.  The inviting lobby area features well-designed lighting and serene background audio. Le Blanc offers its own signature wedding packages that include unique add-ons on top of the standard offerings of all the properties.

After four nights at Palace Resorts I found time to experience the signature piece of the brand, the in-room Jacuzzi. The oversized showers with the love seat, the Jacuzzi right next to the spectacular beds, the marble floors – these properties are designed with luxurious romance in mind.

If you are looking for a location for your dream destination wedding, if you are looking for a place to lock yourself in on your honeymoon, or a place just to rekindle that passion in your relationship Palace Resorts is the place for you. They do it with flair and style and above all they do it with pleasure.

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