Tips for Picture Perfect Wedding Photos by Lisa Leonard Designs

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How do you ensure you’ll have your wedding day captured so you can treasure the pictures for generations to come? Check out these five easy tips to make sure your special day is photographed perfectly.

Hire a reputable photographer.
It might seem obvious, but if your wedding budget is tight, don’t make cuts in the photography department. Do your research and find a reliable photographer with a style you love. A good photographer is worth their fee! Remember, you are making an investment in capturing memories that will last for generations.

Make a list of 5-10 crucial photos.
I’ve seen couples with a list of 200 photos they want captured on their wedding day—but that only overwhelms them and their photographer. Do you really need a photo of you and your 6th bridesmaid alone? It’s probably not one of your top ten photo priorities. Make sure your photographer has a manageable list of
important photos for your big day.

Bring in a few fun, personalized props.
Props can break the ice and help everyone relax during picture-taking time. Consider using a chalkboard to write a message of love or personalized bunting for you and your husband-to-be. Props make your pictures unique and keep it fun.

Chose a natural setting with good lighting.
Any photos done before the ceremony are photos that won’t take time away from family and guests after the ceremony—which means you’ll feel less hurried. Before the wedding, choose a natural setting with beautiful light for pictures that will make you glow. Pictures taken in the late afternoon, while the sun sinks lower, tend to have a magical quality.

Relax and have fun.
The bottom line is, the more relaxed you are, the more fun you’ll have, and the more beautiful your pictures will be. Remember, you’ve chosen a trustworthy photographer—let them do the work. It’s time for you to enjoy your special day.

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