Make a difference in local communities in the Caribbean with ‘Pack for a Purpose’

Gregorio Torres Quintero primary school in Mexico Pack for a Purpose

The Caribbean attracts many visitors each year with promises of pristine, white beaches, warm sunny days of relaxation, and great adventures in a tropical environment. Couples traveling to the Caribbean can now make a difference by donating much needed supplies to local communities together with Pack for a Purpose.

Pack for a Purpose is a non-profit organization based in Releigh, North Carolina. Founded in 2009, their mission is to positively impact communities around the world by assisting travelers who want to bring meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit. Pack for a Purpose  provides an online lists of requested items and provides more than 440 global collection points making it easy for travelers to make a difference on every trip. The global travel community has donated more than 2,700 kilos of supplies to needy schools, clinics and orphanages worldwide. By simply adding a few medical, school, or other requested supplies in your luggage, you can make a big impact in those communities.

There are many non-profits and service organizations working to improve the community, education and wellness in the Caribbean. For example in the Dominican Republic, ‘voluntourists’ can donate school supplies to local primary schools and high schools. Visitors interested in supporting wellness service projects can donate to the Veron Clinic. This clinic works to improve the health conditions of underserved people in the surrounding area. One of the major groups in Jamaica and in Turks and Caicos that accepts the support of tourists is the Sandals Foundation. They work to provide support, teacher training, instructional needs, and donate school supplies to local education facilities. ‘Voluntourists’ interested in helping a community in Dominica can donate school supplies and books to the ‘Open Books, Open Minds – Leave a Book Behind’ initiative, this group supports three primary schools in the country.

On the website you can view all the countries listed. Once you select the country you will see a list of all the charities you can donate to. When you then select a specific accommodation or tour company, you will see a list of  ‘what to bring’ for their specific projects.

For more information about travel locations, lists of needed supplies and ways to get involved, visit

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