Mojuba Bride and Groom: The Ultimate Kit For Wedding Day

At every wedding, every shower and practically every special occasion, one is faced with the challenging task of finding the perfect gift. When it comes to bridal showers, sitting in the “shower gift-giving” circle is definitely a time where one wants to shine with the best of the best, causing the room to echo with “oohs and aahs.” Mojuba Bride and Groom, a line of luxurious bags equipped with every little item that brides AND grooms may need, is sure to leave a lasting impression.

You never know what could happen -a perilous rip, a hair emergency, shoes that won’t stay on and a dress that won’t stay up can threaten the most carefully-planned and romantic wedding. After 20 years as a coveted wedding and event planner, creator Jackie James has seen it all and her experiences inspired her to create Mojuba Wedding. With a touch of thoughtfulness and luxury, Mojuba Wedding bride bags are beautifully presented in vibrant eye-catching boxes that open to reveal white or black patent bags. Handcrafted and elegantly designed by James, this bag is intended to be used long after the big day to store keepsakes such as photos and invitations!

Mojuba Bride unfolds to reveal one exquisite item after another, from essential everyday things to indulgent necessities. Standouts in the kit include Madame PauletteT couture stain removal kit for those shaky hands that may spill a glass of red wine during the reception, Static GuardR for a clingy dress, Krazy glue for misplaced rhinestones, and Dancin’ FeetT to cushion sore feet and ensure a full night of boogieing ahead!

As if the bridal bag couldn’t get any better, Mojuba Groom offers an innovating gift-giving alternative for grooms that are difficult to buy for. The sleek charcoal grey messenger bag, that grooms can continue to use as a briefcase (or eventually a baby bag!) for years to come, also includes a dopp kit for organization and travel. Just a few of the useful items inside include Listerine PocketMistR for the first kiss as husband and wife, and Poker-size Mojuba playing cards for groomsmen to pass the time and take away some of the wedding day anxiety!