Mexico City’s must-try restaurants

Whether you are taking photos of the delicious food you are eating or saving new recipes to try and recreating at home, everyone has an inner foodie. But, what true foodies strive for is finding that uncommon hub of new and interesting cuisines. Mexico City has incredibly vibrant flavours and was ranked in the top 5 as one of ‘The World’s Best Cities to Eat Well’ alongside Paris, Rome and Tokyo. The city’s fabulous cuisine has a wealth of options inspired by pre-Hispanic and regional traditions from across Mexico. From the roasted corn on the cob coated in a light zesty sauce, cotija cheese, chili flakes, and a squeeze of lime to the chocolate filled churros, you can experience the history through their cuisine as they indulge in supreme local fare.
Here are some of the can’t miss restaurants you need to visit in Mexico City.

Licorería de Limantour
This bar was opened in a neighborhood that has great culture, dining and nightlife in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood.  The main idea of Limantour is to offer a variety of “designed cocktails” in a relaxed atmosphere, enhancing the local spirit that welcomes visitors from all over the world.  In Limantour, creating and preparing a cocktail is a task that involves passion and knowledge.

Dulce Patria
Directed by talented Chef Martha Ortiz, Dulce Patria is a 90 seat, high energy venue that has redefined the Mexican dining experience. The menu is comprised of traditional plates reinterpreted in a modern context set in a lively, stylish and urban environment.

Azul Histórico
Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita’s third Mexico City restaurant, offers a traditional yet original regional specialties amidst a classic upscale atmosphere. Azul Histórico offers a menu of traditional regional Mexican cuisine based on sometimes forgotten recipes he had gathered through the chef’s field research.

The vibrancies of the city are palpable in the food at innovative and playful young chef Daniel Ovadía’s famous restaurant. In addition to boasting a string of Star Diamond Awards from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, Paxia has continued to bring gastronomic treasures to the table, with great emphasis on locally sourced fresh ingredients.

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