Fresh herb cocktails at Hotel Casa Velas

Cilantro Margarita at boutique hotel Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s luxury boutique hotel, Casa Velas, now serves fresh cocktails using herbs and flowers from the property’s on-site organic botanical garden, which is home to dozens of herbs, flowers and vegetables. Using everything from home-grown mint for Mojitos, to Cilantro for Margaritas and even Hibiscus flowers to make Martinis, herbal cocktails at Casa Velas are fresh and popular treats for hotel guests that are part of the all-inclusive rate. Herbs from the botanical garden including clove, mint, aloe vera, spearmint, and basil leaves are also used in spa treatments. The kitchen often uses home-grown albacar, thyme, mint, lemon and cactus in its fresh culinary creations.

Try the Cilantro Margarita for your signature wedding cocktail.

· 1.5 oz Tequila
· 1 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau
· 3 oz Lime or Lemon Zest
· Salt
· Small Bunch of Cilantro from Garden

Place three to four ice cubes in a cocktail shaker along with two parts tequila, one part Triple Sec, one part lime zest and the cilantro. Shake until frosty. Place the cilantro in a cocktail glass rimmed with lime and salt until half full. Top with the margarita mixture and decorate with a slice of lime and a short straw.

*Rim the glass with salt, pour salt on a flat plate, cover the edge of the glass with lime and place it in the salt.

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