EV charge stations at Verdanza Hotel

Verdanza Hotel in Isla Verde has become the first hotel on the island with a charge station for electronic vehicles (ev’s).  “At Verdanza we are proud of our efforts to ensure that the daily operation of the hotel is friendly to the environment. The decision to install a charge station was a natural next step in our commitment to contribute to a healthier environment,” said  Rick Newman, president of Verdanza Hotel, adding that although Puerto Rico has not yet reached a critical mass in the use of ev’s, it is fertile ground for this type of innovation.

“The use of electric vehicles is on the path to become gradually more generalized, locally and internationally.  The reduction of toxic emissions and, in purely economic terms, the reduction of the costs related to oil products, make electric cars an increasingly attractive option,” added Newman. “Car makers, such as Ford, have recognized this is an unstoppable trend and they have responded accordingly, developing ev’s as a genuinely viable product.”

In Puerto Rico, as in other jurisdictions, the demand for electric vehicles is directly related to the availability of charge stations that allow the consumer to travel with peace of mind.

In the United States, there are already thousands of charge stations available. States, counties, shopping centers and even large commercial chains such as Macy’s, Walgreens and McDonald’s have installed charge stations and parking spaces exclusively for electric vehicles.

In addition, to date 17 US states, including Hawaii, California, New Jersey, and Florida, have passed legislation that stimulate the purchase of electric vehicles.  Likewise, Canada, China, Japan and 15 countries of the European Union offer diverse fiscal incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles. “This type of legislation in Puerto Rico would make electric vehicles more accessible to the consumer, while at the same time being a concrete action to reduce environmental pollution on the island,” continued Newman.

The charge station at Verdanza Hotel, also the first station in the Municipality of Carolina, is located in the parking area of the property and uses an industry-standard connector (J1772) which can be used to charge any electric vehicle currently on the market, as well as next generation models in production.  “We urge others to follow our example to begin a proliferation of charge stations that will stimulate the legislators to consider incentives, and potential buyers to be stimulated by knowing there will be locations to charge their vehicles”, concluded Newman

This initiative by Verdanza supports the hotel’s commitment to environmentally—friendly practices.  Other efforts include an extensive recycling program, organic guestroom amenities,  the installation of devices that reduce the consumption of water and electricity, the replacement of traditional plastic ware with versions that are 100% biodegradable, and the collection, treatment and repurposing of rainwater as well as used oils, among others. The proven commitment of Verdanza Hotel earned the property this past March the “Pineapple Leader Award” by the Preferred Hotel Group, the international hotel group of which Verdanza Hotel is a member under the Summit Hotels & Resorts collection.