On Wednesday I spent the afternoon umpiring the final of the Toronto girl’s high school field hockey championships which is being shown on Rogers tv this weekend…for those how would like to watch. It was nice to be away from the computer and outside although it was a crispy 5C. Spending the day around 40 or so teenage girls I couldn’t help but wonder.

Do little girls still dream of their wedding?

In this age of cellphones, Facebook and the Jonas Brothers do little girls still think about this stuff. Have some of these girls here today already torn out a page from a magazine with their perfect dress (hopefully an issue of Caribbean Bride). Has a favourite location been selected. Has the flavour of their wedding cake been already ordained.

I hope so.

Victor Hugo said ‘There is nothing like a dream to create the future.’ If you are 15 or 45 it is always beautiful to dream about what in most cases is the most important day of your life. It is great to have that visual in your head of how you want that day to unfold. To see that dream turn into reality makes the day even more magical. So dream on my friends…dream on.