The Cayman Islands Collection by Kate Thornley-Hall

Cayman Islands Collection palm coverup

Toronto-based, London-trained interior designer Kate Thornley-Hall, whose unique eye for creating sophisticated yet lively interiors, has launched a collection inspired by the Cayman Islands, a cosmopolitan archipelago located in the Western Caribbean. The Kate Thornley-Hall Cayman Islands Collection will initially include contemporary wool and silk hand-woven carpets made in Nepal as well as flat-weave rugs, throw pillows, fabrics and decorative wallpapers, to be followed soon by the introduction of lifestyle products.

The Kate Thornley-Hall Cayman Islands Collection includes wool and silk hand-woven carpets, flat-weave rugs, throw pillows, fabrics and decorative wallpapers. “My designs have long been inspired by my love of colour and bold patterns,” says Kate Thornley-Hall. “I instantly fell in love with the natural beauty and cool sophistication of Cayman and wanted to channel that into a collection that would recall what I experienced – the extraordinary flora and fauna, the rich nautical history, the casual touches and friendliness of the people and the vivid turquoise waters that were teeming with sea life. We all want to hang onto that feeling of a relaxing beach holiday and my new collection captures that essence, but in a sophisticated way that works for the modern home.”

The Cayman Islands tourism office in Canada has partnered with Thornley-Hall in an effort to simultaneously raise awareness for the destination and co-promote the line across Canada and in the Cayman Islands, where it will be available to purchase at numerous retail locations.

Cayman Islands Collection on Seven Mile Beach

“It’s a unique opportunity to work with Kate and we’re excited to have the Cayman Islands associated with her luxury line of interior design products,” says Paul Minich, country manager for the destination. “Travellers often remark that they would love to take a piece of Cayman home with them and now they can. “The collection, shot on location at the Caribbean Club in Grand Cayman, features a Cayman toile design depicting various points of interest and the heritage of the islands.

The Kate Thornley-Hall Cayman Islands Collection designs and colour palette are inspired by what’s above and below the sea in Cayman: starfish, coral, turtles, sea stars, palm trees, trellis work, the Cayman Brac parrot and an old schooner sailing ship are all represented. Thornley-Hall pays homage to the destination’s heritage in her Cayman toile design which is a clever take on the traditional that features various points of interest and highlights in the Cayman Islands including Rum Point, the “Old Homestead”, Starfish Point, the sugar bird and more. With the exception of the hand-woven carpets made in Nepal, the entire Kate Thornley-Hall Cayman Islands Collection is proudly designed and produced in Canada.

The Kate Thornley-Hall Cayman Islands Collection Palm Coverup is the first of many lifestyle items the designer will introduce in the near future. “Beach vacations with my family are some of my happiest memories,” says Thornley-Hall. “To me, the beach is always a celebration, combining the drama of nature with the excitement of a holiday. Falling in love with the Cayman Islands inspired me to design a line reflecting the romance and history of the three islands and using luxurious fabrics that infuse life and colour into the home.”

Cayman Islands Collection bedroomThornley-Hall says the Cayman Islands Collection is ideal for the beach house, boat house, cottage and of course the primary residence. “Whimsical patterns like the turtles would be so fun for a children’s bedroom or playroom. We’re even thinking about newlyweds setting up a home after having a destination wedding – the products have a very wide appeal,” she says.

For more information or to order products from the Kate Thornley-Hall Cayman Islands Collection, contact the designer via The line will also be carried in a variety of retail stores both in Canada and the Cayman Islands.

(Photos: Deep Blue Images, Grand Cayman)