Ask Preston: Issue #4

preston bailey designs


1.My favourite colour is black. How can I use that in my wedding and still it feel fun and Caribbean?

If you like the dramatic effect of black then I suggest using deep purples.

2.There are many exotic orchids that would be very appropriate, and of course use thousands of them. In fact I used them as the cover layout for my new book Celebrations.My fiancé and I are both artist and we were thinking of doing a piece together and having it as the focal theme for the wedding. Can this work without being tacky?

Not at all, the more opulent the better! One of my signature styles is creating a dramatic entrance, I recently used floral peacocks at an event in south of France.

3.How can I add aspects of my Irish heritage into my Caribbean wedding in Antigua?

Adding aspects of your heritage into your wedding is always important.

Incorporating wedding traditions or music into your ceremony and reception are wonderful elements.

4.I love seashells! What are ways I can incorporate them in the décor for my destination wedding

Seashells are a wonderful addition to table centers or escort card tables.

5.I am having a tropical wedding indoors at a resort. How can I bring some of the outdoor feel indoors

I do just as many events indoor as I do outdoor and the one thing that is always important to me are vibrant colors. Growing up in Panama I was surrounded by a lush environment that has been a big inspiration for me throughout my career. Gorgeous flowers, appropriate lighting and Caribbean food are a great start.