5 Honeymoon Planning Tips from Travel-Ticker

Are you planning a price-conscious honeymoon?
If you’re like most brides or grooms-to be, you likely do not want to spend tons of money right after the wedding, especially when there are more important things to invest in (a home comes to mind). However, you still want to celebrate each other over a honeymoon. Don’t fret. Seek out online travel discount sites such as Travel-Ticker.com to reconsider the extravagant honeymoon that’s often shrugged off by most newlyweds. Make sure to visit different travel sites and subscribe to their newsletters and alerts to get the latest information on travel discounts to help you plan a marvelous, yet affordable honeymoon.

Are your honeymoon dates flexible?
If the date isn’t set in stone, booking a trip on a whim can be an exciting way to start your honeymoon. Contrary to what many people believe, booking a trip last minute can actually save you money. Your best bet for getting a great last minute deal is to be flexible with your travel dates. This helps to open up opportunities to travel to locations during their off-seasons when prices are often significantly cheaper.

Do you have a specific destination in mind or are you open to suggestions?
Whether you have a specific destination in mind or not, letting the deal be the inspiration can not only lead you to somewhere amazing that you never thought of before, but it can also get you a great price on the destination of your dreams. Go ahead and make planning your trip fun and exciting by browsing different travel sites and magazines to see which destinations pop out or call to you.

What’s the desired length of your honeymoon?
Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a two week vacation, all-inclusive packages are the way to go. Although you might think that a longer honeymoon will cost more than a few nights away, that is not always the case. Sometimes there are phenomenal travel packages and deals on extended trips that average about the same cost as a weekend getaway. The key to getting these savings is to do your research and look for the best deals, some of which may have mid-week departure and return dates. Be flexible and patient as you do your research to plan the perfect, affordable honeymoon.

What activities, if any, would you like to plan for your honeymoon?
Whether you envision you and your hubby relaxing on a beach, touring a big city, or doing both, finding a location that caters to your interests is just as important as the cost. Travel-Ticker.com’s Interests tab can be a great resource for finding the right destination for you and your significant other. Choose your destination based on your dream activities, and you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic honeymoon.