Unique Ways To Incorporate Sweeter Details On Your Wedding Day

maison-christina-faure-white-wedding-cake-sugar-rosesYou said yes, and now you’re planning for the day you say, “I do.”

If you’re looking for unique ways to let your personality shine through on your wedding night, world-renowned pastry expert Chef Christian Faure, M.O.F., recommends looking beyond the cookie-cutter mold. The Montreal-based pastry chef and his Montreal bakery, Maison Christian Faure does approximately 54 weddings and special occasions each year, including a special cake and sweet table for Guy Laliberte for the Formula 1 race in Montreal in 2015.

“In my 20 years as a pastry chef, one thing I can say for certain, is that every couple is unique. I take great pleasure in helping highlight what makes their story different, and showcase that on their special day,” says Faure.

Here, Faure shares creative ways to incorporate sweet wedding details, from your bouquet to the dessert table:

maison-christian-faure-red-sugar-roseBakery to Bouquet
Instead of sunflowers, try sugar flowers. Brides are saying I do to palatable arrangements because they are able to create one-of-a-kind bouquets that when mixed together, really pack on the wow factor.

“Most brides walk down the aisle with flower bouquets, but very few brides have made that walk with flowers sculpted from pulled sugar in-between their hands.”

Chef Faure’s favourite edible bouquets consist of sculpting clusters of flowers from hand pulled sugar. “The process of pulling sugar requires you to be consistent and patient, much like how you should be in a marriage!” says Faure. “There is something special about being able to create a piece of artwork for a bride.”

For destination brides, sugar flowers can be an exceptionally good option because the flowers can keep for one week before they lose their shine. Make sure that the bouquet is carefully packaged for travel, and that it is suitably packed for carry on.

maison-christian-faure-gold-wedding-cakeCustom Figurines
If transporting a delicate sugar flower bouquet proves to be too challenging, try customizing an edible cake topper. Cake toppers can be made from chocolate, fondant, or pulled sugar, resulting in a sturdier sculptured piece.

The beauty about edible cake toppers, is that you can fully customize them to showcase your personality. Do you have a joint hobby such as camping? Do you have a pet? Faure recommends using the topper as a way to display something extra special about the couple.

“Couples should try and choose something that will spark conversation and give guests a true sense of who they are together,” says Faure.

Satisfy That Sweet Tooth
Consider a variety of sweets for the dessert table. Beyond your tried and true cakes, brownies and squares, include your favourite treats and confectionaries that help tell your love story.

“Maybe you shared a doughnut on your first date or the groom bought a special box of candy for the bride for their first anniversary, find creative ways to incorporate those in your dessert table,” says Faure. “Confectionary clusters are also a good way to maximize visual impact without a heavy price tag, while adding a touch of whimsy to the dessert table.”