The Caribbean’s newest hot spot!

Curaçao is popping up on every jetsetter’s travel radar for the New Year! The colorful Caribbean island has been selected as one of the ‘Hottest Destinations for 2011’ by AOL Travel and one of the ‘Destinations to Watch in 2011 by SmarterTravel.

“Curaçao is proud and honored to be on the top destination lists of two of the world’s most respected, trusted travel news sites,” says Curaçao Tourist Board Marketing Manager North America André Rojer. “Travelers are excited about discovering exotic, off-the-radar destinations, such as Curaçao. Our new country status, hotel developments and increased airlift are helping to propel the island forward as an increasingly emerging destination for Americans.”

AOL Travel describes the Curaçao’s stunning capital as a Caribbean fairytale, adding, “The island became a self-autonomous region within the Netherlands in October 2010, and its citizens will be celebrating all year. Not that they shouldn’t celebrate every year. Curacao offers exceptional diving, charming plantations (landhuizen), and eco-centric activities in its cunucu (countryside).”

Curaçao was also the only Caribbean destination on SmarterTravel’s short list that included unique, global locales such as Iceland and New Zealand, and hot spots a bit closer to home, such as New York City and Atlanta, Georgia. SmarterTravel praises the azure-blue waters and colorful architecture of Curaçao, writing, “It’s not every day the world gets a new country. But 2011 will mark Curacao’s first full year as an autonomous nation within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, adding a new chapter to the island’s rich history. Among its first orders of business is making itself more accessible to Americans and Canadians.”

USA Today, one of the top daily newspapers in the U.S., also picked up on SmarterTravel’s recommendations for travel in 2011. Last year Curaçao was chosen as a ‘Top 10 Destination for 2010 by Microsoft’s, one of the hottest new search engines on the Web.

The unique island paradise of Curaçao has an ideal locale, situated between Aruba and Bonaire, just 35 miles north of Venezuela. Unlike many Caribbean islands, Curaçao enjoys a prime location on the fringe of the hurricane belt, making for a spectacular vacation any time of year. Both AOL Travel and are top online travel resources for providing trusted travel news, deals, expert advice, as well as travel guides for destinations across the globe.

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