Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours

Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours is celebrating its second anniversary throughout June taking stock of its growth and successes and is poised to expand its groundbreaking philosophy to new destinations and cultural tours. Launching in one destination, Jamaica, in 2009, Island Routes Tours achieved a rapid expansion to Antigua, The Bahamas, Saint Lucia and the Turks & Caicos Islands. Demand from adventure seekers for the company’s more than 200 unique tour options has increased 60% over last year.

Major expansions throughout the region are planned for the coming year. As the trend for vacationers to spend more time exploring destinations grows more than ever before, Island Routes Tours is poised to fulfill the demand with a range of new experiential tours that will immerse them in local culture, language, music and cuisine.

“At Island Routes Tours we are concentrated on meeting the desires of Geo-Tourists, offering unique experiences, and that means creating new, off-the-beaten-path excursions away from the tourism hubs,” says David Shields, General Manager of Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours. “We integrate each island’s uniqueness into the tour experience so that visitors leave with a firm appreciation of each country’s colorful culture and people. And it is the warm, welcoming people of the Caribbean — our greatest resource – that keep visitors coming back again and again.”

Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours has a Caribbean heartbeat. Its management and staff, having experienced each and every adventure, and being locals, can personally share what is unique and beautiful about each destination. These Island Specialists are available to answer questions and guide guests to their ultimate adventure each and every day. The company has implemented a technology platform that harnesses this unprecedented customer service via both a toll-free call center and live chat feature at where, as by phone, an Island Specialist is dedicated to one guest at a time and to assist in any way.

During its first two years of operation Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours has redefined the standards for tour companies in the region. Everyone booking an Island Routes tour is secure in knowing that whether they choose to experience a high-flying zipline flight or a leisurely catamaran sail, it will be the best experience of its kind in each and every destination. Every Island Routes owned and operated excursion, and every Certified Partner tour meets the highest level for customer satisfaction, safety and insurance standards, and a commitment to sustainable tourism.

While Island Routes Tours’ guests enjoy a seamless adventure experience beginning with one-stop-shopping for their Caribbean explorations, there is a steadfast foundation for each and every tour. Guests can pre-book confident in the knowledge that they have the Island Routes Guarantee of a low price and the best value, and should their plans change they enjoy money back assurance and easy cancellations.

The travel industry quickly recognized Island Routes Tours for raising the industry benchmark by being the only tour company to receive the Six Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, two years in a row. Travel agents have also honored Island Routes with a World Travel Award for “World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company,” and a second nomination for 2011.

For more information about Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours or to make a reservation, contact your favorite travel provider, an Island Specialist toll free at 1-877-768-8370 from the U.S. and Canada or visit