Honeymoon in Barbados

couple piggy back on beachIn Alice Sebold’s 2002 novel, “The Lovely Bones,” heaven was described not as a one-size-fits-all kind of paradise but as a multi-dimensional zone where each individual could experience his or her own version of happiness. Great concept!Was it original, or had the author experienced a honeymoon in Barbados?

Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s more sophisticated islands, offering a great variety of choices. Accommodation types are wide-ranging, from simplicity on the wind-swept east coast, to the nightlife-rich bustle of the south, to the all-indulgent Shangri-la of the west. Fine food in romantic settings? There’s plenty of that. Diversions? There’s lots to get out and do. If you’d rather just relax, there’s plenty of calm and comfort available, from lounging on-site to being pampered at one of the many spas.

High service standards ensure less hassle-a thing you really don’t want on your honeymoon.And if, like many vacationers, you’d like to leave your brain at home, that’s not a problem either. Barbados has you covered. All you’ll need it for is to choose your delights.

Barbados knows about sensuality and beauty,because they are all around us. The clear sea glistens by sun and moonlight. The music moves your hips. The food is fresh and delicious. The tropical vegetation is so lush, colourful and shapely that it’s almost suggestive. Most accommodations offer these features as a matter of course.

Should you choose to venture out of the love nest, more pleasures and discoveries await you. The sea has its own fun and attractions: ride it on skis, a surfboard (with or without sail attached) or even on an inflated banana! Explore it with a snorkel, a dive or a submarine. Take an unforgettable cruise on a catamaran that takes you to swim with friendly sea turtles.

Nature’sbeauty isondisplayatplaces likeAndromeda Gardens, where tropical plants take forms beyond imagining or Welchman Hall Gully, where you wander through a stunning chasm in the coral limestone cap of the island. Alternatively, explore the countryside on horseback, or in a convoy of Land Rovers.

Barbados is big on sports. Tennis, boating, and fishing all in easy reach. In season, there’s even polo, which you can watch or make arrangements to play. And as for golf, well, TigerWoods had good reason to honeymoon here. Curious about this corner of the world? Discoveries include museums that will open your eyes to our surprisingly rich heritage; plantations established in the glory days of sugar cane; strolling through historic streets and military installations; or striking up conversation in a friendly rumshop, by day or night.

Of course there’s shopping.Fromcrafts, condiments and souvenirs, to clothing,perfumes and fine jewellery, there’s a lot you’ll want to take home. Nightlife? The world is now taking note of Barbados’ abundant musical talent, and our dancers are awesome. No wonder people seem so happy here. It’s catching. And for a tropical honeymoon, nothing could be finer or more auspicious.