Great device to take on your travels

At Caribbean Bride we spend a lot of time travelling and on our phones. We are at trade shows and fashion shows and wedding shows and scouting locations and attending weddings on beautiful beaches. We are constantly trying to record our adventures and share then with our audience and after our usual long days we are always looking franticly for a socket to keep our phones and laptops charged. We have tried a few external chargers before but then we got introduced to this little stylist device we thought is worth sharing with you.
Plug into the supremely fashionable design and durable functionality of Apelpi (pronounced apple pie) external battery chargers. Uniquely designed devices that can double or even triple the battery life of smartphones, tablets, eReaders, and more, Apelpi not only powers your tech, but empowers an active lifestyle and productive work day. Available in three stunning options, each with a micro-USB to USB charging cable, Apelpi has something for everyone from the casual user to the style-conscious tech wizard. Plus, it’s sleek, lightweight and compact design allows for easy carrying in a purse, clutch or pocket for charging convenience without missing a beat. No more getting stranded with a dead battery.
Get the skinny on portable charging power with Apelpi’s Slim. Incredibly light-weight, but extremely durable, Slim will fully charge an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy s5 one to one and a half times, without weighing you down, and is the ideal choice for an extra boost without adding extra bulk.
No outlet? No problem! With Apelpi Plus, you get a plethora of power that lasts the whole day.  With 6400 mAh capacity it can charge multiple devices throughout the day, perfect for travelling, relaxing with an electronic read at the beach, or camping in line for that midnight movie!
When you have a high standard for style and luxury, you should have the tech accessories that can keep up. Sporting a double injected clear coat molding and framed with a brushed aluminum casing, Apelpi’s Luxe feels and speaks to premium quality. Equipped with 5000 mAh it’s not just a pretty face, but packs a powerful charging punch housed in first-class polish. Meant to be seen, plug in Luxe on the table top for an instant conversation starter.
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