We are very pleased to announce that Caribbean Bride and Destination I Do have just decided to become friends. We both believe in these quickly changing times it is important to work together on certain levels for the common good. Destination I Do looks at weddings away to locations all over the world. Yes we have our similarities but we have more differences. We both believe that destination weddings are beautiful events that are a romantic option to your traditional wedding at home and we enjoy the process of offering you information to make yours extra special.

At Caribbean Bride we specialize in destination weddings to the Caribbean by offering information to couples from all over the world coming in as destination-wedding-seekers. Also, we offer relevant information for couples living in the region and getting married right here. Look out for some kind of collaboration in the near future!

Check out their awesome website at for great info on planning that perfect destination wedding.

Life is so much sweeter when you have friends!