Destination Weddings in Playa Del Carmen

Beach wedding in Mexico
Ensuring every single detail for your destination wedding is structured to perfection, for one of the most important days of your life can be at times frustrating. For this reason, we’ve got extraordinary tips from Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen’s General Manager, Juan Mercadante Castro, throughout his journey for the special occasion.

Playa del Carmen is in the center of restaurants, boutiques, stores, and nightlife at Quinta Avenida, the location also offers tranquility and rest while enjoying breathtaking views of the Mexican Caribbean.

Why Playa del Carmen?
Playa del Carmen’s beauty is one of a kind; it’s a combination from a small town with a touch of modern and trendy places. I thought of this location because I thought of my guests and the expenses they would be making for this occasion, so I want them to have an amazing vacation while at it.

Planning my wedding means planning a special moment for my fiancé and everyone else who joins the event, so I always think of what are they going to enjoy, how comfortable they’re going to be and make sure they’re treated as VIPs in a place that offers dynamic, culture, entertainment, activities and gastronomy.

Cycling in Playa Del Carmen
What experiences will make your wedding unforgettable?
Organizing a destination wedding entails being extremely detail-oriented with your guests. For example, coordinating welcome kits and making sure all the rooms are reserved in the same category so everyone can be next to each other are really important tips to note.

Upon their arrival, have a cocktail hour for the guests to thank them for taking part of such an important moment. Since all my friends are from different places in the world, creating a Mexican themed cocktail hour is the best way to bring them into the groove! This is also a great opportunity to take advantage of the welcome kits; I recommend a shawl for women and leather sandals for them to wear at the party! The perfect location for this is the under bridge at Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort, it’s right in front of the beach and creates an ambiance for everyone to get ready to enjoy the festivities. (Special tip: Put a Margarita Station and contract the Mariachis and party will be ready!)

After the big event it is great to have a day to recover while spending time with friends and family to finally celebrate the most magical time of our lives. Enjoying the beach and enjoying water sports during the morning, and walking around La Quinta Avenida during the afternoon and evening is the perfect way to culminate the celebration.

Beach wedding in Mexico
What important details would you highlight to make sure your wedding turns out perfect?
Organization. Without a doubt that’s the most important element, especially because ideally you count on the resort’s wedding team to take care of the rest of the planning and making sure nothing goes wrong. Once the wedding is coordinated with agendas, vendors, etc., the wedding should turn out perfect.

Another important point is structure. Make sure every checklist item is crossed off, and that’s what the wedding team from Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen is for, so you and your fiancé can relax and enjoy.

Additionally, I particularly like that the resort offers exclusive access to the resort’s Bridal Suite and that it’s the only resort in Playa del Carmen to offer a suite for brides and bridesmaids to relax and be pampered by a dedicated team of hairstylists and makeup artists to help prepare them for the big “I do.”

Beach wedding in Mexico

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