Berta Bridal: Gorgeous Gowns & Amazing Service Left Us Feeling Like Royalty

Berta Bridal's flagship store in NYC

Berta Bridal: Fashion House Turned Empire

When Berta Bridal granted Caribbean Bride an opportunity to pick the mind of Nir Moscovich, Head of Operations for Berta’s global brand we were beyond excited to make the best impression. Our in-house photographer Ashleigh Rae Staton and Chae O’Brien, Fashion Editor at CB, showed up to Berta NYC’s flagship store in the ever-trendy downtown Soho area with eyes and mind peeled to absorb the magic of Berta’s newly launched evening line. We had so many questions about red carpet worthy jumpsuits and handmade lace bodices, but it also became clear, it would be quite the challenge to walk out of their store without carrying that coveted Berta white clothing cover. Here’s what we learnt.


What is the real Berta story? 

Berta Balilti lives in Ashdod, Israel. She has been designing her couture bridal for the past 20+ years, while 14 years ago she founded her namesake BERTA bridal brand. In 2013, Nir Moscovich, who also happens to be her son-in-law but more importantly knew the potential virality of her designs, came to the US with 13 dresses to showcase the brand via several trunk shows. The rest is history. Berta Bridal is sold in over 40 countries with dresses starting at 6000 USD and can go as high as 14,000USD. However, compared to high fashion couturiers in Paris, Milan, and the Far East, Berta Bridal provides brides with the opportunity to dress like a royal without compromise on quality and a bit more allowance on affordability. The lines have three distinct personalities with subtle character overlaps. Berta Bridal Couture, the namesake, and the main priority of the Berta Brand, Muse by Berta, a line for the confident bride and lastly the reason for opening their flagship in NYC, Berta Evening Wear. The business is family run and shows no signs of slowing its growth into a flourishing global brand empire.

Berta NYC: Evening Wear at Its Finest

In 2017, Berta Bridal pivoted into a new but natural collection, evening wear for demure and glamorous women alike. Most recently, celebrities like Britney Spears, Taylor Hill, and Karlie Kloss have been spotted wearing the line, and the details had us in awe. Each dress takes about six months at minimum to produce, but they are sold off the rack at Berta NYC. Re-ordering is an option for most styles, as well as rush orders, Berta Bridal dresses are also available at the NYC showroom at a discounted prices as they are sample sized and kept in mint condition after being showcased at trunk shows, photo shoots and other uses of the brand in their global marketing efforts. It’s worth knowing every applique found on a Berta dress is handmade rather than factory sourced. Nir went on to say “While we do not consider Berta is a fashion line of mass production, we have managed to scale our supply to be more flexible and supportive of our clients around the globe. An intimate customer experience and their satisfaction are at the core of the Berta brand.”


What can Caribbean Brides expect at Berta NYC?

The experience is beyond compare. Refreshments are served on entry while two lovely ladies listen and take in what you’re feeling (not just what you’re saying) and then proceed to take you on an enchanting wardrobe trial run (mainly because there are so many dazzling dresses around). Our fashion editor had the opportunity to try on two pieces which have gained Insta fame, and the key takeaway was “this feels like magic”. The fit, fabric and mostly the feeling of it all, makes it hard to walk out without taking one of those works of art with you. While Berta NYC represents the evening wear collection, Berta Bridal collections are also present, and if they’ve got your size (since many are sample pieces), you can take it home with you the same day.  Fittings are done by appointment, and you can reach the flagship via to schedule your preferred time.

Muse by Berta: For the Bold Bride

Muse by Berta also launched in 2017 and with it came accolades for the bold, sexy and outstanding aesthetic it represented. The most recent collection was photographed in Sicily where models roamed the streets with a light-hearted and whimsical attitude, some of the personas of a Berta Bride. When asked what the difference between Muse by Berta and the main Berta Bridal line is, this is what Nir had to say, “Berta designs all day and night. She focuses on the allure and charisma of women around the world who she thinks would wear her designs as and has had those qualities embodied in the main bridal collection. However, she also has her heart set on the more sophisticated dresses in a way, those that defy the norm and are suited for a wild spirit. That’s how Muse by Berta was born. The designs are different. Every dress has a unique design and material. So, the aesthetic for the Muse collection is more light and flowy. Muse by Berta is for the confident bride.” When asked if it can be said that Muse is sexier than the mainstay collection, he laughingly replied “More sexy than Berta? Not possible.”


What’s responsible for such an explosion of growth for Berta in the past few years?

The marketing and customer support engine behind Berta’s empire is fluid and seamless. Nir’s assistant, Leetal is in contact with most if not every bride who purchases from the store in addition to supporting their exclusive retailers in NYC, LeFay Bridal, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Whether the fashion house is working on a custom piece for a red-carpet A-lister or a bride buying her dream wedding dress from Cairo, the experience is one and the same. Berta has several social media accounts, but it’s beyond impressive that the brand has managed to rack up just under 2 million followers on their main Instagram account with limited spend on paid campaigns. “We grew an organically viral brand because we exceed expectations around the needs and demands of our clients regardless of which line you choose to buy from.”

What next can we look to expect from Berta’s Inspiration?

“Berta designs for a specific personality or figure in mind, she doesn’t know or have met her, but when the dress is chosen, it all comes together. This mentality is how we move forward. We have just launched our exclusive line of belts which is our first foray into the accessories market. So far, some colours sold out almost immediately, so the reception has been positive. Berta wants to keep designing for women with dynamic and diverse tastes. That also allows the brand to adapt and change to meet our client’s asks not just here in the US but globally.” With that, the CB team wrapped their visit knowing that the Berta NYBFW show on April 13th will be one of the events not to be missed. Berta Bridal is just getting started! Stay tuned for our coverage of their show, behind the scenes with Berta herself and more!

Photos: Ashleigh Rae Staton