Try All Jarred Up Baked Goods for your Wedding Events

Love the taste and the smell of home baked goodness? No time to bake and looking to keep those portions small? Your solution to those cravings is All Jarred Up, the new southern California pie and dessert company. Founded by Teri Hiles, All Jarred Up delivers bakery freshness and convenience in a jar -just for you – or two, three to four and many more.

All Jarred Up currently carries five baked goodies,traditional favorites including mixed berry pie, apple pie, pear pie, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies. They also make two homemade dessert sauces,caramel and chocolate, that can be served on the side or over your favorite ice cream.

Small on price and big on flavor, All Jarred Up uses only fresh,in season ingredients, and as many all-natural and organic ingredients as possible. All Jarred Up baked goods are freshly prepared, sealed, decorated and retail on with prices ranging from $6 to $13 dollars.

Most of their sweet treats come in two convenient sizes: The half pint, perfect for one or two, and the pint, just enough for two or three people.

Though All Jarred Up launched with a specialty in smaller scale desserts, they are in demand to accommodate large volume orders for parties, wedding and bridal festivities, Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events,holidays and celebrations.

All Jarred Up treats are delicious! Perfect for serving at bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and providing to guests as welcome gifts.