Listening to a recent bride talk about what she wanted for her reception she stated over and over that she wanted it to be a spectacle. Something over the top and distinct from anything guests have ever seen before. It made me think about the true purpose of the wedding reception. Is it a party to celebrate the love and style of the couple or is it a chance to show the wealth of the couple and family. Well I guess depending on the culture and your zip code it can be a bit of both.

She was talking about live animals, a helicopter, circus performers and exotic cars. The more I think about it I realize it is the word spectacle that rubs me the wrong way. There is something ostentatious and insincere about making your wedding a spectacle. Maybe I am being a bit naïve and a purist here but when I go to a wedding I go to see laughing and crying and grandparents dancing with their new in-laws. I go to see hugging, friendships new and old, fashion and the overall presentation as well. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE incredible floral design, ice sculptures, floor shows and light displays but when you start to incorporate beast and fowl and thirty member trapeze troupes is when you enter the realm of wedding production. Everyone wants their wedding to be remembered forever but it is always better to be remembered for all the right reasons. The weddings I remember are the ones I danced so much that I went home with my suit soaking wet. I remember the ones I met really interesting people and started friendships and the ones where I got to experience new foods and cultures. Go as big and bold as you want but don’t lose sight of what this day is really about. Don’t focus overly on the production and forget to dance, laugh and cry because it is one of the most special days in your life. Enjoy the moment.