New beginnings

So we have entered a new year filled with hope, renewal and change in our lifes. As usual this is the time we turn to resolutions. New bold mantras for our lives that would bring improvement personally or socially. My resolution is to try new things that I always told myself were too difficult to accomplish and the first thing on my list is to start running outside this winter. Being born on an island the concept of running outdoors in anything other than 24-29C weather has always been foreign to me. Now that I am spending more time in the Toronto office for me to keep running behind energetic brides I need to stay in game shape. So armed with my new determination I went to the Adidas store and bought everything Clima 365, Clima Warm, Clima Wind they had in my size. After three or four glances through the window looking for a ray of sunshine or a sudden warm front and clad in my new space age running wear I headed out on a short 3K to test the waters.

To my surprise it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The new Clima gear did not make it 27C outside nor did I run pass any coconut trees on my way but I was really comfortable. Like most things in life the hardest part is just coming to the decision to just do it. Newness and change can sometimes be intimidating but often we paralyze ourselves by over analyzing and compounding these fears. For 2009 lets seek the courage to take on the new things that life offers us.

Any bride looking to race me let me know…you have to run in your dress though.