left or right

Travelling back and forth between the Caribbean and N. America one of the things I always have to think about is which side of the road I have to drive on…left or right. After landing in the Caribbean today I pick up a car and immediately start looking for anything to take the pretzel taste out of my mouth. As I drive along the street an old lady standing next to a bus stop signals to me. I think for a moment and then remember that to give a stranger a ride is normal here. For the next five minutes I have a delightful conversation with Marjorie about the failure of the bus system in her neighbourhood and the rising price of fried fish in Oistins. As we get to her destination, a supermarket that was on my way, she thanks me and tells me that I am a nice person and it makes me smile. I look to my left and see the sun bleeding its array of reds and oranges over two small fishing boats signalling the end of another day.

This is the beauty and simplicity that is the Caribbean.