Handcrafted Jewels and Gifts from Dogeared

Dogeared, a trendsetting fashion brand that creates handcrafted jewels and gifts in Los Angeles, is launching their latest collections at select August trade
shows. Two new catalogs feature product lines with two distinct points of view: Dogeared NOW and Dogeared FOREVER. Both capture the casual mix of classic, modern, and vintage elements that has made Dogeared a global bestseller and a favorite of celebrities, stylists, and retailers alike.

Basics get their chance to shine in Dogeared FOREVER, home of Karma, Pearls of…, Make a Wish and Reminders; the tried and true groups that are the soul of Dogeared. This line has grown with the addition of Reminder bracelets, Whispers necklaces, and 38 new charms that are hand-cast by local artisans in recycled sterling silver.

Fashion collections are showcased in Dogeared NOW. Mantranecklaces and leather wrap bracelets are a modern take on the word jewelry that helped launch Dogeared 19 years ago. Hand-cast plaques in unexpected metal finishes, hand engraved with words that empower, inspire, and connect with the wearer. Jewel Boxis a vintage-inspired
collection with an heirloom feel… Antiqued chain, rich leather, sophisticated gemstone hues, and the kind of intricate detail and craftsmanship you can only find in handmade jewelry. Both groups are completely new, but also beautiful examples of how Dogeared has revisited their roots and reinterpreted designs that have always resonated with their customers.

As Dogeared expands their collections and catalogs, they continue to decrease their environmental footprint. Catalogs, cards, and packaging are printed on mixed sources, and charms are cast from 100% recycled silver. The company works with suppliers and casters who share this commitment, and all jewelry and gifts are produced in the most environmentally conscious way possible – by hand in their Southern California studios.

Retail prices range from approximately $25 to $225. The collection catalogs are viewable online at www.dogearedwholesale.com