Bride Villa Event Review

International bride magazine, Caribbean Bride, has caught another first in bringing the concept of ‘Bride Villa’ to Barbados. ‘Bride Villa’ is a trade show and cocktail reception featuring the distinctive aspects of hosting a wedding and honeymoon in the Caribbean. A major focus is also placed on promoting the luxurious features of villas in the region.

With Caribbean destinations now offering the perfect combination of a luxury wedding location, romantic honeymoon destination and the affordability that the modern bride is seeking, the event adds a new aspect to the traditional wedding and honeymoon in Barbados.

The event, sponsored by Wine World, merged the best of the Caribbean’s professionals, scenery and indigenous raw materials with the skills of international product and service providers. Companies from Barbados, Toronto and the US showcased unique products and service inclusive of wines, hair styling, wedding photography, live jazz, bridal trousseau, lingerie and make-up.

Barbados is the first Caribbean island where the event has been held. Event Organiser and Publisher of Caribbean Bride, Dave Cox, says that the show, recently hosted at Heronetta in Sandy Lane, is intended to be an annual event, which will be hosted throughout the Caribbean.