DIY: The Best Tips for Long Lasting Curls and Volume for Your Wedding


DIY: The Best Tips for Long Lasting Curls and Volume for Your Wedding

Happy Wedding! Every bride deserves to look and feel her best on this special day without fuss or worry. Here are some very simple tips for lasting curls you can do by yourself while at the destination.

Washing hair the night before your wedding is ideal because it allows hair to dry naturally. It also allows you more time for the next morning to relax or finish any final errands. Apply mousse to hair while it is damp by flipping head over and applying it evenly from root to tip with a scrunching motion. Mousse really helps hold the curls, adds protection against heat damage and tames frizz.

I love the Thermal Creations Mouuse by Tresemme. This amazing formula adds volume, shine and may be brushed through to create any long lasting hairstyle desired. The price is exceptional for the results it provides.

When styling your hair, I always like to section the hair into four parts. Two at the front and a section of the crown and lastly, the back bottom half. If you have hard to curl hair, spraying some hairspray on the section you are going to curl first and brushing it through will make curls last. I start with the back and move my way up regardless of whether it is using hot rollers, or a curling iron. The front pieces around the face should be curled outwards to frame the face. If you are a volume lover, tease the crown first and spray with hairspray. Repeat as needed until you are satisfied with the height.

Try the Climate Control hairspray by Tresemme. It is perfect for long lasting style, yet may be brushed through and really works well against the humidity in the Caribbean and Mexico.

The Curl Secret Infiniti Pro by Conair is one of my favourite. This very easy to use tool has two different heat settings and three different curls sizes to choose from. Simply clip hair into the clamp and the mechanism does the rest. Release after three beeps and thats it! The result is either a larger curl, medium curl or tight curl which is beautifully defined. For a more casual look you can simply brush out. I always say “hair is like cookies it needs a few minutes to settle”.

If you have fine hair, Got 2 B Powderful Powder is fantastic. Begin by teasing the crown with a tail comb. Apply a little of the powdery product to your fingers and rub in. Tease hair again with the product. Voila! Instant volume. Hairspray your hair all over for lasting results.

Tease hair with a tail comb. Use the actual can of hairspray as a “booster” by the crown of your head by positioning it horizontally where you would like the volume to be around the crown of your head. The coolness of the hairspray can combined with the warmth remaining from curling iron or rollers sets the style. Finish with a little bit of hairspray.

You can also use a spray wax to add even more volume as well as texture. I love the spray wax by Paul Mitchell, this formula is light and long lasting and perfects that perfect messy, curly look with a satin finish. Simply teasing the hair after spraying creates this effect.

Enjoy these great tips and more to come soon!

Natalia Zurawska
Caribbean Bride Beauty Editor
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