Braza Bra Products

For 25 years, Braza has been providing support for brides where they need it most by anticipating fashion emergencies before they arise. Instead of fretting about pulling her dress up or worrying about a potential rip or tear, she will feel comfort and confidence knowing she has Braza products at her disposal.

The following products from Braza (available at David’s Bridal stores)are ideal for brides:

* Braza Bra: The first backless, strapless adhesive bra, Braza Brahas been shown to be the most effective method of support without a conventional bra and works flawlessly and seamlessly under a wedding dress

* Magic Cups: Perfect for backless dresses, Magic Cups provide shaping and support similar to a traditional strapless bra without the need of a back band

* Silcone Add A Size: For brides looking to add a little oomph on the big day, these fit comfortably in most bras and add an extra cup size

* Flash Tape: The single most important problem-solver in any woman’s arsenal, flash tape can hold the dress in place or repair a hem or tear in case anyone accidentally steps on the dress

* Upsie Daisies: For strapless styles, Upsie Daises hold everything on the side firmly in place, so she won’t be tugging up her dress all night

Braza also offers a Diva Bridesmaid Kit, the perfect gift for a bride to
give her bridesmaids to make their day a little easier as well.