Airport Shoot

I met three ladies yesterday in the airport on their way to St. Lucia. What caught my attention was that they were having a full photoshoot in front for a mini water fountain and they were all just using cell phones to take the pictures. After each couple of shots they would huddle and compare shots and then start over with new poses. Why was this so strange to me…

Well for the past three days we have been shooting our fashion spread with high end cameras, strobes, reflectors, make-up artist, assistants, and a stylist. On the outside these two shoots were quite difference but the fundamental essence was quite the same. I really wish that our images get the same emotion and excitement from viewers as these girls were getting from each others images on these tiny cell phones. At the end of the day it isn’t really the execution but the emotion a pictures evokes that makes it a great and memorable image.

I walked over and offered them three magazines and they halted production on the set to peruse the magazine and they seemed impressed. “Do you have anymore” one asked and I actually had some copies of our first issue so I handed out a round of those as well. They politely said thanks and then returned to the set. A quick check of the lighting and their hair and they were off for the close ups shoots.

These girls enjoyed taking pictures.