Top 3 Trends in Engagement Rings

Here are the top 3 trends in engagement rings and wedding bands as spotted by our friends at Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers

Pave engagement ring setting
The halo:
Tiny pave (pah-vey) diamonds surround your centre stone, increasing the appearance of size in a centre diamond, and creating a  delicate, angelic, and trendy design.

vintage engagement rings
Vintage detailing:
Think milgraining, filigree, fine detailing, braiding, etc. for a romantic, timeless look.
two tone engagement rings gold and silver
Mixed metals:
Traditional wisdom tells us that white gold goes with white gold, yellow gold goes with yellow. The modern woman knows that rules are made to be broken! Mix up your look and modernize it by combining two colours of metal in one design, or different colour engagement and wedding bands.